Friday, 23 June 2017

Pingtung, Taiwan Meteor Capture 23JUN2017

Tang Lung Elementary School, Pingtung, Taiwan Meteor Capture 18:54:20UTC 23JUN2017

Point Source Meteor 
Note- VERY FAINT open to full screen to see.
Tang Lung Elementary School, PingTung, Taiwan Meteor Capture 18:54:20UTC 23JUN2017
(NOTE- To view video requires a DOUBLE CLICK on play button to begin.)

Tang Lung Elementary School, PingTung, Taiwan
Sandia Allsky Network / TAIMON
c2017 TAIMON / SSJDaral / Dirk Ross

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Tang Lung Elementary School (TLC! TangLung Cares).  
The Taiwan Elementary School that is 
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