Wednesday, 1 July 2015

TAIwan Meteor Observation Network

這是國際有名的隕石收藏家 Dirk Ross 即將協助台灣建構的流星觀測網站的初步設計頁面,未來會把它中文化,只要各地有架設觀測流星的全天CCD 相機,都可以將資料拉進來,並且希望可以提供給學生來學習,這是Dirk 的夢想,目前屏東縣天文協會預計架設三部相機,各協會如果也有意願,請與我聯繫,我們彙整後,共同來努力,把這個觀測網建置起來~ 謝謝大家~ ^0^ by 劉志安
--- Google English translate modified-
This is the preliminary design of the page Dirk Ross coming to help Taiwan construction of meteor observation sites, will it in the future culture, as long as the country has set up throughout the day observing meteors CCD camera, you can pull in the data, and hope you can offer to students to learn, this is Dirk's dream, currently in Pingtung County Astronomical Society expects erect three cameras, associations if there are wishes, please contact me, we aggregated together to try to put this observation network build set up ~ Thank you ~ ^ 0 ^ by Liu Zhian

TAIwan Meteor Observation Network

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